Handmade welted boots and shoes

Since 1908

The E.Woodford Collection


Made with attention to detail in every stitch.


Our range of heritage inspired boots.
Handmade to order

The E.Woodford Experience

Just like our materials and hand-made craft, our ordering process stands out as truly unique.

Your very own personal assistant

Upon placing your order, you will be assigned an E.Woodford personal assistant. They will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.
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Hand crafted just for you

Due to our highly skilled handcrafted process, we produce only a limited number of shoes each month, ensuring exclusivity and unmatched quality. Footwear worth waiting for.
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Current delivery times

6-8 weeks
12-15 weeks
E.Woodford & Sons was first established in 1908.
Now reborn with the fifth generation of Woodford shoe-makers, Chris Woodford, at the helm; E.Woodford & Sons aims to craft the best hand-made boots and shoes available.

Sourcing materials from the most well-renowned suppliers and revitalizing the craft of hand-welting, E.Woodford & Sons is building its foundations on cherished heritage and traditions.
“We’re finding a way of making an old tradition viable as a modern successful business, training people for a job they can enjoy and love.”
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